I’m a ceramist  living/working in Barcelona.  [‘eko.] is the pronunciation of my western name Echo, my original name is 小川, which means small river. 

For me, making pottery is my connection with the world. The pottery is formed in my hands and then passed into yours, becoming a beloved thing that gets along with you day and day.

I believe that handcrafted tablewares will bring vitality and strength to daily life, because what’s important is not to own an object, but to build the relationship with it in use. This way we know how to cherish every moment in our lives, treat ourselves well and everything around us. 


我是一名居住在巴塞羅那的陶藝家。 [’eko.]是我的西方名字Echo的發音,我的原名是小川,是一條小河的意思。



['eko.] ceramic space is not only my workplace, but also a place for communication and learning. You can come to the physical store to touch and feel every piece of work, or if you are interested, you can join our classes and try the fun of making pottery by yourself.  If you are also a potter or artist, I hope here will become a place where we can communicate and learn from each other.


['eko.] ceramic space不僅是我的工作場所,還是一个用来交流和學習的地方。 你可以到實體店来触摸和感受每一件作品,或者,如果你有興趣,可以參加我們的課程並嘗試自己製作陶艺的樂趣。 如果你也是陶藝家或藝術家,我希望這里可以成為我們可以相互交流和學習的地方。

and the ['space.]

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